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Features of horizontal kneading machine

Release Date: 2020-11-25

1. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, which meets the current relevant food hygiene standards.

2. The vertical kneading machine has good sealing performance, no running, leaking, dripping, and easy cleaning.

3. The dough mixed in the vacuum state of the horizontal dough mixer has a loose surface, uniform inside, high gluten value, good elasticity, high transparency, no stickiness, and smooth taste.

4. The whole structure of household dough mixer is beautiful and elegant, easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance.

5. The automatic dough mixer is suitable for mixing various tough doughs to make steamed buns, breads, buns, etc. If the mixer is replaced, it can also be used to make crispy dough to make all kinds of cakes, glutinous rice balls, biscuits and various fillings.

6. The household kneading machine is suitable for pasta processing, pastry and bread food industries to knead various crisp and tough doughs. Just place the dough on the conveyor belt, and it can automatically convey, knead, press and fold after the machine is turned on. It reduces the number of contacts between human hands and the machine, does not need to manually cast the surface, and eliminates safety hazards. The vertical mixing machine reduces the labor intensity of the workers. Both adopt a gear reduction transmission structure. The horizontal kneading machine has the advantages of simple structure, compactness and convenient operation. The household kneading machine does not need complicated maintenance and has the advantages of long service life. The full-automatic dough mixer adopts stainless steel material and special surface treatment, which meets sanitary standards.