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Operation method and precautions of biscuit equipment

Release Date: 2020-11-25

As for the operation method of the biscuit machine, I believe many customers know it, but the actual operation process may not be very proficient. The editor will explain to you the operation method and precautions of the biscuit machine:

Users should read the instruction manual carefully before use, understand the operating methods and precautions of the biscuit food machinery, and operate strictly in accordance with the instructions to provide basic guarantee for the safe production of biscuits.

Do not unplug the power suddenly during the operation of the machine, and do not cut off the power frequently, which is very unfavorable to the machine.

After use, the residues and attachments should be cleaned up in time to prevent solidification and deposition of residues. It will be more difficult to clean in the future. Long-term accumulation of residues will not only look unsightly, but also cause damage to the machine.

As we all know, the production of biscuits needs to go through the links of raw material, molding, baking, cooling, etc. Correspondingly, the biscuit production line can also automatically complete these tasks. Generally speaking, the biscuit production line includes a biscuit forming machine, a tunnel oven, and a fuel injection machine. , Turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwiching machine, packaging table, etc. The working process of biscuit forming machine is to introduce the prepared dough into the sheeting part.

After three pressure rollers are continuously pressed to make the noodles become a piece of uniform thickness, then the dough enters the forming part through the conveyor belt, and the pattern and shape of the biscuits are stamped by the mold, and then the picking part separates the biscuits from the remaining material, and the remaining material is conveyed When it is reused in the hopper at the beginning, the biscuits are transferred to the electric oven for baking. After the baking is completed, the biscuits enter the cooling line for cooling. If sandwich biscuits are to be produced, they must pass through the cake sorting machine and enter the sandwiching machine after cooling. Treat it with care, and then you can arrange and pack the biscuits.

Because biscuit products have a stronger hunger-satisfaction function than other snack foods, they can be used for breakfast and snacks between meals. They are diverse and rich in flavors. Consumers of different ages and levels can choose their favorites. The product. The development of the biscuit equipment industry has brought possibilities for the diversification of biscuit.