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Standard operation procedure of horizontal dough mixer

Release Date: 2020-11-25

The horizontal kneading machine is an important part of the automatic biscuit production line, and the operation process must be careful

1. The personnel in this position must operate according to the operating procedures. Before starting the machine, clean up the debris on the equipment, check that the belt guard is fully equipped, the switch and the power cord should be intact, and the hand crank should be flexible and free from jamming. Check that the equipment is in good condition before turning it on.

2. After starting the machine, check whether the sound is normal during the idling test drive. If the device needs to be turned over, wait until the device stops turning before turning the switch to the reverse position. Do not touch electrical switches with wet hands. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the rotating part while the equipment is in operation. Or use metal, wooden sticks, etc. to catch the rotating part. Ensure personal safety. You must concentrate on work, such as overload and jamming must be shut down immediately for inspection, and the machine can be turned on after troubleshooting.

3. If you need to pour materials, you should do it slowly. Strictly the material barrel is offside. After the material barrel is stopped and the power is turned off, the material can be taken out by hand.

4. After the work is over, you must turn off the main power switch, clean up the equipment, and cover the equipment before leaving.

5. Before each use, all rotating parts must be refueled, the main power switch must be turned off when cleaning the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to flush the equipment with water.

6. The equipment should be fully maintained and maintained every week, and the parts, gears, transmission parts, motors, belts, etc. should be strictly checked. If any wear is found, it should be replaced in time. It is strictly forbidden to run the equipment with diseases.

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