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Use functions and precautions of vertical kneading machine

Release Date: 2020-11-25

1. Equipment overview

Vertical kneading machine is a kind of kitchen equipment commonly used in the kitchen. The spiral stirring hook is driven by a transmission device to rotate in the mixing tank, and the mixing tank is driven by the transmission device to rotate at a constant speed. The flour in the tank is continuously pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed, fully stirred, and quickly mixed, so that the dry flour can be evenly hydrated, expand the gluten, and become a dough with a certain degree of elasticity, flexibility and uniform flow.

2. Use function

Versatile and versatile, it can be used to:

A. Stir --- Stir butter, stir cheese, stir fresh milk, beat eggs, etc.

B. Knead---knead the dough

C. Mix---make juice, mix jam, noodles, mix smoothies, mix cold vegetables, etc.

Three, use matters needing attention

1. Before starting and using the kneading machine, open the kneading machine cover and confirm that there are no other items in the machine before using it.

2. Before starting the dough mixer, make sure that the plug and socket are connected intact, and that there is no debris next to the motor that affects the operation of the motor, and then turn on the power.

3. To operate the dough mixer and add flour, the operator must be directly in front of the dough mixer, not on the left or right.

4. You must put the flour first and then the water, and then start the switch.

5. Frequently check whether the motor belt and the protection device are normal; if any problems are found, the power should be cut off in time, and the general affairs department should be reported to the general affairs department for repair and assist in the repair; the machine must not be used with illness.

6. The amount of noodles must not exceed the load of the dough mixer to prevent the motor belt slipping and motor short-circuit accidents caused by overloading.